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Secure Browser is a web browser with the capability to control users' surfing
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The idea behind Secure Browser is to develop an Internet navigator with the capability to control users' surfing. There are two types of users of this application. On one hand, there is an advanced user, possibly a network administrator, who can set permissions, filters or lock Internet surf. For this person, it will not be difficult to set the corresponding parameters. On the other hand, there is a standard user, or surfer, who will not have the permission or the necessity to mess with the parameters. As this application’s interface is not very different from other popular browsers, the end user may not even notice the difference and surf just as usually.
If you are a school or company network administrator needing to prevent navigation to restricted sites or a parent wanting to control the kids’ activities, you will be able to provide a list of allowed sites. Several additional settings are available. First, you may provide passwords to secure the settings or to prevent users from exiting the application. This would be useless if it were not for the capability to control other browsers or to make it the only browser application.
Perhaps the only disadvantage is that the interface is somewhat unattractive and looks like browsers did some time ago. Although it does not have tabs for each page, the interface is able to handle several child windows within the work area.

Pedro Castro
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  • It can control or block other browsers
  • The settings are password-protected


  • The interface is unattractive
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